AAT training

Under our AAT training programme, you will be given early responsibility from day one and can expect exposure to clients incorporating a wide diversity of work and various challenges that will help you develop the skills you need to succeed as an accountant.

We’ll support you in every way we can with high-quality training focusing on both technical areas and soft skills, including effective communication, presentation and negotiation skills. We will assign you a personal mentor who will support you where necessary and ensure you are happy.

Benefits of training with our London office

As an AAT accredited trainer we are considered a leading trainer within the profession and as such our students are exempt from certain aspects of the cyclical reporting needed to fulfil their training contract by completing our internal assignment reports.

What do you get from training with an AAT accredited trainer?

One of the benefits of AAT Employer Accreditation is that you automatically meet your mandatory continuing professional development requirements simply by following our internal training and development process.