A day in the life of a trainee accountant

There is no typical ‘day in the life’ of a trainee accountant! Here is what some of our trainees had to say when asked to describe a typical day:

“No two days are the same. One day you will find yourself in the back of a storeroom counting some computer component on a stock take in your jeans and then the next you will be in a smart office block in the city. UHY’s clients are from a range of industries and sizes so there are lots of opportunities to learn about the issues affecting their businesses.”

Bronwyn, London office ACA trainee

“A typical day will start between 9 and 9.30 depending on the client. After getting set up, you’ll have a quick catch up with the team or manager to see where you are and how the job is going or to discuss the job that you are going to work on that day. Then you normally settle down to work. Some days this involves more interaction with clients, other days this can be analysing reports and information you already have. Throughout the day there will be a fairly constant chatter, perhaps discussion about the tasks or getting some assistance or help, or little chats and joking. Normally, everyone will go to lunch together if the team is at a client or everyone will go to the break out room if in the office. Everyone will pack up around 5/5.30 depending on when you started.”

Kirsty, London office ACA trainee


“There is no set day within the audit department – you could be working in the office or at a client’s; you could be working alone or in a team. The beauty of audit is no two days are the same. You will face new challenges every day and will be exposed to new areas/industries almost on a weekly basis. This enables you to really gain exposure to a wide variety of clients within several industries.”

Efe, London office ACA trainee