Graduate programme

Training to be an accountant is more than an academic process and each individual’s learning needs will be different and will change over time. The professional experience comes from learning on the job. There are opportunities in all work assignments to apply and develop your knowledge and to learn more by dealing with real business situations.

Supporting you through your training

As we only select a small number of trainees in any one year, there is a better chance for successful graduates to stretch their talents and to experience a greater diversity of work. We encourage you to develop quickly and take on responsibility for assignments. And your progress is reviewed on a regular basis through:

  • Written evaluation reports at the end of each assignment to assess your performance
  • Meetings with your counselling manager to review progress every six months
  • Formal reviews with your partner

We help you to achieve your first career goal by qualifying as an accountant; either chartered accountant (ACA) or a chartered certified accountant (ACCA). And we are proud of our record of exam successes – first time around. For more detailed information about the differences between the ACA and ACCA qualification, please follow the appropriate links:

We can also increase the variety of your work experience though secondments to other offices or to specialist departments such as tax or corporate recovery. Secondments demand new skills and expose you to a new range of business problems and client needs.

Post qualification

It doesn’t stop there either. As a qualified accountant, you will hold an excellent business qualification and an immense number of opportunities are available to you within public practice, commerce and industry. At UHY Hacker Young we encourage you to make the most of your talents. We talk to you about your ambitions and we aim to provide the work experience you require for your success.