ACA Training

1st year

Students learn the basics of accounts, audit and tax. They lay the foundations of study and familiarise themselves with our systems, office procedures and clients. The following quotes from 1st year students illustrate what working for UHY Hacker Young is like for them:

“My 2 most recent jobs have been for a small farming business where I had to prepare a set of statutory accounts from client records and produce the corporate tax computation, and for on a medium sized business, a distributor of electrical goods, where I was the junior responsible for bank sections and helped on other sections such as debtors.”

“There are many trainees at different stages of their professional exams so there is always somebody available to talk to or to help you with your exams or your practical work. At the moment I work a regular 9 – 5.30 day, but when I get home I have study to do so although I may not be working late in the office, I am still working.”

2nd year

Students are given more responsibility and start to work as part of a larger team. More of their work will be based out of the office. Graduates will complete their professional level studies and start to study for their advanced exams. A level AAT students will be studying for their final year. Quotes from these students indicate what progress they are making:

“Work done at UHY Hacker Young directly relates to training received at college which helps to progress quickly and efficiently.”

“Recently, as semi-senior, I have worked on a large travel agent client based in London. I was responsible for signing off majority of file except debtors/creditors. At UHY Hacker Young there is just enough pressure to get work done but not so much that you feel stressed. I enjoy the company of the people I work with both in the office and out of it.”

3rd year

Students start to develop their management skills. They will lead a team and supervise and train junior staff. Graduates will have completed their exams, AAT students will complete their professional stage exams. Quotes from these students highlight the more challenging work that they experience and what they expect for the future:

“My workload includes internal audit for a large company with a US parent that manufacturers bespoke switchgear, the work involves the implementation, documentation and testing of internal controls; audit senior on companies such as a large group of companies in the managed transport industry where I am responsible for all sections, seeing job through from documenting systems to finalisation. Whilst I am officially out of training I believe that I still have a great deal to learn as I have only been leading my own audits for the last 6 months.”

“My workload includes being the audit senior on companies such as a subsidiary of a large listed company in Belgium involved in biscuit distribution where my responsibilities are the statutory audit, production of the statutory accounts, calculation of the corporate tax liability and supervision and review of assistant’s work; I have recently undertaken some due diligence assignments that includes the acquisition of three companies in the recycling industry where my work involves data collection, review and report writing.”

4th year and beyond

Graduates will be qualified at this stage, AAT and ACCA students will be nearing the end of their professional exams. Staff will be more involved in specialist assignments in addition to the traditional audit and accounts work. They will be given soft skills training to develop their management techniques and be more responsible for client work. Quotes from staff at this level indicate the varied type of experience they are given and how responsibility develops their potential:

“My workload includes the production of monthly management accounts as for directors use for a company that designs and produces gearboxes for use in production machinery for industry that has a worldwide customer base; installation of Sage accounts package and training for client’s staff, preparation of the year end accounts and production of corporate tax computation for a company that installs and maintains computer systems including networking for other companies.”

“Our office has a pleasant environment to work in. Although the managers are readily available to help if you need it, they leave to you get the job done on your own, which brings individual responsibilities and you benefit from this experience. As an ACCA finalist I find that the full study support that UHY Hacker Young provides is essential to any young professional wishing to qualify. Work that I have completed recently includes being the senior responsible for the audit of a group of 27 companies that have a variety of activities including rental property, and an SAR audit for a large (24 partners plus fee earners) solicitors practice.”