Why did you choose a career in accounting?

I have always wanted to work with numbers; for as long as I can remember, math was my favourite subject at school! Whilst at school we had to research into what job we would like to do once we left and accountancy really appealed to me. Through my university degree I gained an understanding of the world of business and accounting. Therefore pursuing a career in accounting, and studying towards my chartered accounting qualification was the next logical step.

Where did you hear about us?

I discovered UHY Torgersens when searching through directories of accountants in the North East. I was attracted to the firm due to the experience and support that they appeared to offer to graduates. My interview for the graduate trainee position was relaxed and enhanced the attractiveness of the firm. Straight away I was put at ease and the friendly atmosphere was apparent. Plus, a major draw was that the office was close to home.

What level of responsibility do you receive as a trainee?

On my first day at the firm I was given immediate responsibilities. As soon as I was introduced to the staff at the office and had settled in, I was given a set of sole trader accounts to prepare. The learning curve is steep for trainees and although I have a degree in accounting I was not at an advantage. I didn’t have a clue how to prepare accounts from scratch. It was, therefore, a real learning experience preparing the first few sets of client’s accounts. At the moment I am currently responsible for the preparation of sole trader and partnership accounts. Although it is often hard work, it is a very sociable and friendly firm to work for and there is a lot of support for trainees.

Can you describe a typical day in the Sunderland office?

Work starts at 9 o’clock – usually straight to my ‘work in progress’. My ‘work in progress’ is generally preparing a set of sole trader or partnership accounts from client records. This can include some problem solving and deliberation, trying to work out what a client has written and piecing together information that sometimes appears to have no order to it! If you get stuck, there is a great support network of people to help you figure it out. My time is split between work and college, and the two seem to be directly correlated. Training goes hand in hand to support a quick understanding and progression. The day finishes at 5:15, and during study times this means it is home to revise towards the forthcoming exams. This can be tiring and hardwork at times, however I know that it will all be worth it in the end.